Extra pepper? Extra toppings?

Avocado, cucumber, tomato, green olives, and spicy mustard w extra pepper. Throw it on some GF bread with a side of veggies and you have a quick,healthy, and yummy lunch. Again, preparing toppings or fillings ahead of time makes lunch (or dinner) super quick, easy and nutritious.

Grits is also Polenta, Lunch is also Dinner

Savory grits/polenta. Bobs Red Mill gluten free corn grits, with some tomatoes, spinach and pumpkin seeds, and an olive tapenade. I like to add some nutritional yeast to the grits along w salt and pepper. This makes a good lunch for work as well.

Add-ins are just as easy as toppings or fillings

Quick meal prep for a busy week ahead. Made some GF pasta and then loaded it with what I had available: tofu, frozen peas and corn, mushrooms, and tomato. Through in some Italian seasoning and you are ready to go. Add-ins are just as easy as toppings or fillings!

Think before you eat - Mahavagga VI.23.9

The Buddha Gotama taught that compassion for all living creatures was necessary, and recognizing that our food comes from damaging or killing both animal and plant life is important toward understanding the nature of our own suffering. Be aware of what your food was and is, and how it became so, before eating it.

Brushing teeth improves sense of flavor - Cullavagga V.31.1

Gotama said there are five benefits for someone who cleans their teeth: it makes their mouth more attractive, the mouth does not smell foul, the taste buds are cleaned and this improves perception, bile and phlegm do not coat one’s food, and one enjoys their food better.

Don't forget snacks and dessert

Hunger is sometimes surprising – think ahead to when you’ll be hungry. Pack a lunch, and don’t forget snacks – like this healthy snack and dessert. Loaded w protein, GF and vegan. All you do is food process: nuts, seeds, GF oats, dried fruit, bind it together w some maple syrup and molasses. Then make balls and roll it in coconut flakes. I just used what I had in the house and they came out great. Message us for more detail.

Preparation saves time

Spicy tofu rolls, vegan, GF, it is easy to make different rolls for different dietary needs. Here we have an anti inflammatory roll and a low fodmap roll. For extra bite I made a spicy vegan mayo sauce for inside the roll. It's also nice to have extra tofu for a quick lunch or two. Preparing ingredients means quick assembly later: the same tofu can be used in sushi, sandwiches, salads, or anything else! And chopped vegetables are always useful, too. Just as preparing a week's meals at once saves time overall, so does preparing ingredients in batches.  Think of them as toppings - but inside!

Cheating with Pizza

If you are a new or inexperienced cook, there are plenty of "cheats." Daiya Pizzas are gluten free and vegan - and present opportunity to practice cutting ingredients, and assembling them. And they're delicious.

Toppings are quick

Quick dinner on your mind? Vegan, GF tostadas are yummy. Can of beans, tostada shells and your favorite toppings, these have: avocado, tomato, sautéed mushrooms, vegan cheese, and some peperoncini. Under 20 min based on what you top it, with always a hit. It is sometimes too easy to fall into the trap of thinking what is not gluten free, or not vegan or vegetarian. But most ingredients are. It is also easy to fall into the trap of thinking most meals take too long to prepare.

Sandwiches are easy

Lunch! Open faced GF cucumber sandwich w vegan mayo and spices, easily made w whatever you have around. Sandwiches are easy with gluten free bread - this one, a vegan vegetable sandwich, can be made with whatever is handy. But the combination of sweet vegetables, creamy vegan mayo, and salty spicy pickled peppers with smoked paprika and black pepper is worth repetition :) Gluten free bread can be found at many supermarkets, or can be baked at home.